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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 17, 2015 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation. giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. color -- kovler foundation. and mufg. >> they see the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit. it we believe in nurturing banking relationships for centuries.
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they are best cultivated for the years to come. >> and now, bbc world news america. >> this is bbc world news america. and simmers in venezuela can't get their hands on even the most prolific of goods. saudi led airstrikes pound the yemeni capital and laying up the plan.
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ben is well a is rich in oil. you would think it would be a boon for the country's economy but as the price of oil falls, there are widespread shortages. reporter: on paper, this is a rich country. but the people are forced to shuffle along in lines for toilet paper. he should be enjoying his retirement. instead, he spends his days queuing.
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he wants sugar milk, soap, toilet paper. this in a country with some of the largest oil reserves in the world. it has been disastrous. >> only god knows what we are doing. we have a government that doesn't care at all. reporter: desperation set in. he doesn't even know why he's here. do you know what you are going to get when you go into the shop? you don't know what you are waiting for? and it got worse. the front of the queue led to this. the loading bay of the supermarket blocked shot.
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there were no deliveries and no goods. it's a symbol of a system that's failing. seems like this play out across the country as people swap rumors of what goods are available where and spend hours every day standing in line. people have become almost assessed by the shortages. it is extremely bad for the government that has turned to its old nemesis, the united states, accusing it of waging an economic war against the people. declaring venezuela a national security threat has just handed the government here a propaganda victory. president maduro accused america of trying to overthrow his government. a military exercises were ordered. diplomats were expelled. >> they are very good.
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at the moment, venezuela is on attack for the united states. reporter: it hampered his efforts to redraw the american image. it will be short lived as venezuela's problems only grow. there are fears the economic crisis is literally killing people. dr. romero is a cancer surgeon. he gets $50 a month in a public hospital. he says patients are at greater risk. more having a radical surgery because of the shortage of equipment and medicine. >> every day is worse.
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reporter: there have been protests. some violent. laura: a former venezuelan minister of trade is now at the carnegie endowment for international peace.
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>> destroying the industrial capacities of the country. and transforming venezuela where everything comes through. >> can you give us some idea? >> he will lose $31.5 billion. laura: this is a staggering figure. what will he do to try to contain people's fury? >> dennis willow will import half of what it imported last year. this year, very basic goods and
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services. people desperate for this situation, and the government will cut down on that like they did a year ago. laura: the president maduro has been blaming the united states for this. >> there is testimony in the report. he took that to the summit in pantomime and he tried to make a big deal. no one believes the united states is going to attack venezuela.
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laura: is there a conduit for political dissent? guest: having a different perspective than the government is very dangerous. they throw you in jail. laura: do you see in the prospect of the u.s. having any different relationship with venezuela like cuba? guest: in the future, yes. but it will require a very profound change. the current government needs to have a highly contested relationship because it provides an excuse. the only thing they can say to justify the battle. laura: thank you for joining us. the mediterranean is a c and not a cemetery. summing up the migrant right -- crisis.
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trying to make the crossing to italy, they are drowning. he met with the u.s. president. barack obama pledged to work more intensely. the situation is only getting worse. richard has more. reporter: these are the first pictures of a group of muslim migrants being arrested in sicily. they been accused of murder during a perilous crossing from north africa. the men alleged to have thrown 12 christian migrants overboard simply because of their faith. also being brought to shore in italy overnight, another boatload of migrants rescued from the mediterranean with anorexic story to tell. most are suffering from severe burns and in urgent need of treatment. the young woman dies during the crossing.
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it exploded in a camp in libya where they have been waiting to board their boat. >> the traffickers would not allow them to reach the hospitals so they did not get treatment for a few days. they were put on a boat. and when rescuers arrived, they spent two days at sea and were drifting away because it was half deflated already. >> hundreds of desperate migrants have been rescued from the mediterranean. the good weather has led to a surge in the numbers trying to reach europe. almost always on board overcrowded boats that are barely seaworthy. it is estimated 1000 people have already died this year. >> we hope we can reach a solution for this emergency
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which now, more than ever, is affecting our country. >> the immediate problem is the search and rescue operation they have nowhere near enough planes and boats to deal with the current crisis. thousands more migrants will drown in the mediterranean this year unless european countries provide far more resources. laura: officials say that saddam hussein's deputy, they have been killed. they have not yet received from the government. a bomb exploded near the u.s. consulate in the northern iraqi city, the kurdish capital. at least one person has died. it is relatively rare.
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shops in south africa 12 people have been arrested. iran has laid out a four-point plan that says could bring peace to yemen. the rebels have taken over much of yemen. the campaign has been pounding targets as they try to stop their advance. they forced 150,000 from their home. i spoke with the middle east editor. >> do they claim their campaign is working actor >> they're
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working very effectively. the bombing campaign is doing what it needs to do. there is a bigger issue at work here. that is their arrival we with iran. the one thing it is saying is that foreign aggression needs to stop. those loosely speaking our friends of saudi arabia and the iranians and their friends. in different parts of the region, they are colliding with different degrees of severity and that is the kind of thing that is happening.
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reporter: al qaeda and the arabian peninsula have been very active. americans have been trying to hit them with the drone strikes not with any great deal of success. but the allies are now bombing and have had some success. they are having a field day down there. there is a report today that they have taken the provincial
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airport. we have seen a lot of chaos. i don't know if it will make it anything other than worse. laura: you are watching bbc world news america. what the world could of done differently in the fight against ebola. the bbc gets that take on the missed opportunity. the victims of the germanwings crash, the service was part of the day of remembrance where flags hung at half mast. ginny hill reports. reporter: for every life lost, a single flame. 150 candles. for everyone on board.
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their families and their leaders standing together. >> the lives of relatives and friends changed irreversibly. something was destroyed. >> so many phrases from so many countries. it disappears deliberately by the copilot. investigators are still trying to establish why. they are also still trying to formally identify all of the victims. the state memorial was so important. in might be weeks or months. there are so many questions. so few answers.
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this woman lost a relative. she plays -- praise for those that don't know what stick come. carved angels pass from hand to hand. a symbol of faith and a message. you are not alone. laura: the world bank has pledged 650 million dollars to west african countries to help them recover from the a bowl a epidemic. it is hardly enough to cover the economic damage by the outbreak. estimate the economic losses will total $1.4 billion.
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the country has seen more than 12,000 cases in more than 3800 people have died. he met with president obama and other world leaders. reporter: mr. president, the number of infections is now coming down. describe some of the steps of recovery you are seeing? >> the number of infections have come down substantially. we experience 550 new cases a week. last week, we now have seven week.
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i believe this is happening because we have a good structure. we have increased the capacity of the treatment centers. reporter: and i understand that children went back to school this week? how long were they out for? >> there is a lot of catching up to do. but we have to ensure that the schools are safe. the children and the teachers that here to ebola protocols. reporter: you came out of a decade of civil war.
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how much has it suffered because of this ebola outbreak? reporter:>> we lost a good number. it was 11.3 percent. it is about 2%. this is the kind of effect it has had on the economy. we have had mining companies tourism. the flight canceled, to international flights.
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and we have lost a good number of our compatriots. reporter: if you could go back in time and do one thing differently, what would it be at co >> i would quarantine the area, restricts the movement of people. and deploy as much resources in terms of personnel, equipment, and logistics. reporter: thank you very much mr. president. laura: into the divine comedy, a masterpiece of european literature.
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it is just arrived at the national museum. it can crisscross continents. reporter: i woke to find myself in a dark wood where the right road was wholly lost and gone. so begins dante's divine comedy, the inspiration for an eclectic exhibition of african art. this video evokes the damnation of a pure land. all the works around purgatory and hell. welcome to hell. some of them may seem quite heavenly. it represents the unity and
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light of faith. it also represents what happens when that faith turns to fanaticism. the masterpiece about the soul search for god has inspired many modern interpretations. this is the first major exploration by african artists. >> it is often presented as a universal taxed. is africa part of that universal? you look at issues that are fundamental to all of us. and how that is part of this global intellectual heritage. reporter: it is expected to be one of the highlights. >> it's about humanity and we where masks to get ahead.
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laura:reporter: she is one of africa's leading photographers and credits technology for the explosion of interest in african art. >> the greatest thing is that we are able to communicate with the world and have access to the world. i'm a big believer in social media trying to put as much content as possible. >> they encounter a church confessional exploring issues of fatherhood. what visitors won't see our stereotypes of tribal art or woodcarvings. laura: that brings today's broadcast to a close. you can find much more on the
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website. thanks for watching and have a great weekend. >> make sense of international news at >> funding is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation. giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. kohler foundation -- kovler foundation and mufg. >> it's a global truth we can do more if we work together.
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